Terraforming Mars

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  1. Wow!!! That's so cool how they are looking at other planets not just Mars and how there is just a 1 percent difference from Earth and Mars and I think the commentator is true I think we should look after our planet.

  2. What I've learnt:
    Wow!! that was so cool how they looked at different planets I've learnt that there are different gravity's not just Mars but different planets and also they did'int just look at Mars but they looked at the different planet's like Venus and mercury.

  3. what I've learnt:
    that is soo awesome that we could terraform mars into an earth looking planet or any other planets. but I think we need to look after our planet first so that we could live a little bit longer until NASA and all the other space company's, find out how to move to mars and terraform it.


  4. What I learned:

    I've learned the reason why the other planets have different gravity and atmosphere and some things about the largest moon of Saturn, Titan, and Europa, an icy moon of Jupiter.

    - Sophie

  5. What I've Learnt:
    I never knew that we could be Terraforming Mars or other planets to look like Earth.

  6. wow! I've just learn't something new, did you know that if you're on Mars, you can use a green effect, so the sun won't hit your house or even Mars, that's so 'COOL'.

  7. I have learned that mars global magnetic field shut down about 4.2 billion years ago

  8. I've learn't that terraforming is turning a hostile environment to an environment that can support human life.


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